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General Services Information

Costs Not Included in the Management Fee

The following costs are not included in the management fee and will be billed directly (without mark-up) to the property:

1. Apartment Association or other professional association dues or costs, political action committee contributions, Apartment Association conventions, meetings or seminars, spring picnic for property employees, holiday party or nominal holiday gift for property employees.

2. Property promotional fliers, brochures, property plans. All Metro Management forms used in property administration.

3. Office supplies and equipment.

4. The cost of checks, envelopes, and postage for site accounts payable.

5. Advertising for site personnel, pre-employment drug test and background checks. Employment agency commissions will not be paid without prior consent of Owner.

6. Site-based computer hardware and software costs.

7. Travel expenses for Metro Management employees if owner requests meetings which are either away from the property and involve substantial expense, or are not at the property during a regularly scheduled visit by Metro Management personnel if property is located out of the metropolitan Oklahoma City area.

8. The cost of uniform shirts, hats, and blouses for property personnel.

9. The cost of Metro Management-sponsored motivational activities, prizes, awards or gifts, which will not exceed $100.00 per employee per year.

10. A charge of $50.00/staff hour for all property tax appeal support needed by the property in excess of the first four hours.

Commercial/Retail Property Services

Greenfield Service Center

Krumme Complex 4100 N Lincoln Boulevard

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Multi-Family Housing Services

Resident Retention

The focus of the resident retention program is to meet the needs and expectations of the resident. If needs are being met, residents generally do not leave a community. It is far more cost effective to keep current residents than to find new ones. Retaining residents saves on marketing expense, turnover costs, and lost rent.

Every resident expects more for his rental dollar. Management’s challenge is to determine new services that can be added that will increase the rental value for renewing residents. The greatest resource of an apartment community is its current residents.

Two components of the retention program are : (1) an effective and thorough communication process that remains in touch with the residents during their occupancy, and (2) showing appreciation or providing incentives to the residents for their long-term relationship with the community.


  • Once a year each resident is asked to complete a questionnaire to provide feedback on how management is doing. The questionnaires are mailed to the Metro Management corporate office and by-pass the site staff. Results are then reviewed with Managing Members and site staff.
  • When a resident leaves the community, a questionnaire is sent to determine why he left and what we could be doing better.
  • Work orders are reviewed and residents are called to determine the level of satisfaction with the quality of maintenance.
  • Complaints are closely monitored by Metro Management corporate office staff to ensure successful resolution.
  • Resident demographics are determined to develop programs that meet the residents’ needs and provide new services that will increase their rental value. Examples would be to provide a laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service, add a video lending library to the on-site recreation room, or establish a new movie critique club and publish the results in the site’s newsletter.
  • Residents are personally asked about their satisfaction with their community when they pay rent each month.

Cost Control

Our Managing Members have over 15 years experience in managing on-site personnel. In order to maintain control without hampering the ability of our on-site staff to do their job in a timely manner, we have developed the following cost control program:

1. Site employees cannot purchase any item over $500 without Managing Member’s approval. Prior to payment of any invoice, the Resident Manager (RM) checks each invoice for:

  • All items received
  • Items in good condition
  • Invoice complete
  • Unit price
  • Total/extension
  • Two copies of invoice received
  • Discount terms

The Property Manager then signs the invoice authorizing payment. Each Managing Member reviews each invoice and signs the invoice indicating approval.

2. The Manager reviews the monthly cash operating report for each item purchased. They compare costs including year-to-date total cost with standards set by our experience and what common sense dictates. For instance, we know that a 2 Bedroom apartment requires about 3 ½ gallons of paint (excluding ceiling) if all walls are painted with a low sheen, semi-gloss, latex, enamel paint. They refer to the move-out summary and compare the total dollars expended on a site for paint vs. number of move-outs. In addition, they compare paint cost per rental. These types of investigative procedures help us determine whether we are over-painting or under-painting. Due to differences between sites, the Manager’s experience is invaluable when interpreting the meaning of these types of comparisons.

3. Managing Members compare budget vs. actual expenses incurred each month and on a year-to-date basis, and prepare a variance analysis monthly for the owner.

4. The Cost Control Committee negotiates prices for most repeat/standard items purchased by each site following established Competitive Bid Procedures. These procedures ensure uniformity and cost effectiveness in all areas of procurement. Once prices, term’s volume discounts, etc. have been negotiated, the successful vendor is listed in the Metro Management Purchasing Book.

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Real Estate Investment Services

Information coming soon.

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